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Cloud Services

With the cloud, you no longer are dependent upon a bank of physical servers to act as a host for your email, software applications or phone system. The cloud gives you the capability to scale your technology as your company grows and converts your capital expenses into operating expenses: you pay as you go.

While there are advantages, the same approach does not work for everyone. You may need a blended solution that involves managed services, and collocation is best. We take a neutral approach to technology. You can also bundle cloud computing with some of our other services or migrate your technology needs to a hybrid IT model, combining managed services, on-premises and cloud technology to create the best solution for your business needs.

The benefits of the cloud service delivery model and its consumerization of IT resources are well-established and proven. Web portal-based service catalogs provide self-service, on-demand access to infrastructure has enabled IT efficiency and productivity as never seen before. Resource pooling and sharing of IT infrastructure at scale with multi-tenancy control reduces cost by improving overall utilization and thus extracting more value from the infrastructure.

Public Cloud Services

Public Cloud Services

Full public cloud portfolio, powered by Infiniti

Private Cloud Services

Private Cloud Platform

For ‘on-prem first’ cloud strategies

Disaster Recovery as a Service

An essential to business longevity

Backup as a Service

Your business is only as good as your data

Infrastructure as a Service

Always right-sized & optimized

Hosted Collaboration Solution

Simply put. We enable & optimize collaboration

Desktop as a Service

Desktop deployment to any user, anywhere on any device

Cloud Backup for Veeam

Leverage the power of replication with your Veeam investment

World-Class Professional Services

Next generation, IT professionals making your business, their business. Unlocking value with professional IT services.