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One view.  Many clouds.

Providing the ideal interface to IT.

Cloudbolt saw a problem– IT leaders were being told to go to the cloud, but no one was providing a roadmap or cloud management tools to manage it — so, they created a solution.

Legacy, private and public cloud made governance complex; from tracking who has what, when and where, managing costs, and more. Lack of a clear path and poor communication put IT teams and their internal customers at odds. Productivity, agility, security, morale and more, were all impacted.

Cloudbolt built a cloud management platform to manage and optimize hybrid cloud. Making IT teams heroes, empowering their users with self-service IT, and a new era of collaboration and cooperation.

CloudBolt’s hybrid cloud management platform enables enterprise IT departments to build, deploy, and manage private and public clouds quickly and efficiently. The user-friendly portal hides the complexities of hybrid cloud, giving end-users the ability to manage and provision resources on demand, while administrators set provisioning conditions for governance. With CloudBolt, IT leverages its investment and controls costs while providing self-service IT, and increasing flexibility and agility.

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